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Yesterday we introduced the expression 'musical instrument', but there are many ways to make music. Some of them - like today's and tomorrow's WordMasters - don't even require special equipment!

Today's Lesson
WHISTLE   口笛をふく


  • To whistle is to produce musical sounds by blowing air out through closed lips.
  • whistle は、唇を閉じた状態で息を吹き出すことによって、音楽的な音を出す、つまり、口笛をふく、という意味です。


  1. My son learned how to whistle when he was five years old.
  2. It was such a beautiful day that I whistled a tune as I walked to the station.
  3. Snow White liked to whistle while she worked.

We'll be whistling a happy tune until we see you again tomorrow!