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SCRAPE   すり傷をつくる、すり傷


  • To scrape a part of your body is to tear away the skin there by moving it across a rough surface or sharp edge.

    A scrape is an area on your body where skin has been torn away in this way.
  • scrape は、体の一部をざらざらした面や鋭利なものでこすったためにその部分の皮膚が裂ける、つまり、すり傷をつくる、という意味です。

    名詞の scrape は、こすったためにできた傷、つまり、すり傷、という意味です。


  1. CHILD: Mommy! I fell and scraped my knee. It hurts!
  2. (two players after a baseball game)a: What happened to your arm?
    b: I scraped my elbow sliding into home plate.
  3. My son had a biking accident the other day. He got some cuts and scrapes, but otherwise he was okay.
  4. That looks like a bad scrape. You should clean it and put a bandage on it.

英会話レッスンHave you opened that first aid kit yet?