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Hello, and welcome to Day 4 of our “Bringing Up Baby!” series. While writing today's WordMaster, we couldn't help wondering what it's like, after months of nothing but milk or formula, to have your first taste of bread or carrots or peaches. We wish we could remember the day we made that great discovery!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • Solid food for a baby is food that is not in liquid form and is, therefore, eaten rather than drunk.

    Be Careful! You can use this expression with or without an “-s” at the end of “food”.
  • 赤ん坊の食べ物について、solid food と言うと、液体ではない食べ物(飲むと言うより、食べると言えるもの)、つまり、離乳食のことをさします。

    注意:food の後に s をつけた形でも、つけない形でも使えます。


  1. a: Is your baby eating solid food yet?
    b: No, I've only given her formula.
  2. When to give a baby solid food is an important decision.
  3. I think little Jimmy is ready for solid food. He's very curious these days about the food my husband and I eat.
  4. (a doctor giving advice to a mother)
    I think your baby is old enough now for you to start introducing solid foods into his diet.

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