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Hello, again! It's great to be starting another week with you! You know the theme, right?
We're “Bringing Up Baby” for four more days. That'll be nine days in all - one for each month a baby is carried inside its mother!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • To breast-feed a baby is to feed it with milk directly from the breast.

    To bottle-feed a baby is to feed it with formula from a bottle.

    Be Careful! We often use the expressions breast-feed and bottle-feed to talk about a lifestyle choice -- that is, how a mother chooses to feed her baby until he is old enough to eat solid foods. To talk about a single act of feeding a child, the words “feed” and “nurse” are more commonly used.
  • breast-feed a baby は、赤ん坊に直接母乳を与える、つまり、母乳で育てる、という意味です。

    bottle-feed a baby は、赤ん坊に哺乳瓶で人工乳を与える、つまり、人工乳で育てる、という意味です。

    注意:breast-feedbottle-feed という表現は、ライフスタイルの選択――赤ん坊が離乳食を食べることができるようになるまで、母乳で育てるか、ミルク(人工乳)で育てるか――について話す際によく使われます。単に赤ん坊に食事を与える、という行為のみをさす場合は、feednurse が使われるのが普通です。


  1. I chose not to breast-feed my baby because I wanted to go back to work right away.
  2. Research has shown that breast-feeding is much healthier for a baby than bottle-feeding.
  3. All of my children were bottle-fed.

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