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For Life
2005.03.22(Review of 2001.03.19 edition)

Greetings, and welcome to spring!! We love this time of year - the colors, the smells, the gradual warming and lengthening of the days. It's as if the sun has decided to take back her kingdom so that light and life may reign once again!

Today's WordMaster is in honor of the new spring. Long live the sun! Long live the Queen!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー
BLOSSOM (n,v)   花、咲く


  • A blossom is a flower, especially on a tree or bush.

    When a plant blossoms or is in blossom, it produces flowers.

    Be careful! We usually do NOT use the word “flower” in place of blossom when talking about fruit trees. For example, we say “cherry blossoms”, NOT “cherry flowers”.
  • blossom は花のことです。特に木に咲く花をさします。

    blossom を動詞として使って a plant blossoms と言うと、木に花が咲く、という意味になります。また、a plant is in blossom と言うと、木に花が咲いている、という意味になります。

    注意:普通、果樹の花のことを blossom といい、flowerという言葉には置き換えられません。例えば cherry blossom とは言いますが、cherry flower とは言いません。


  1. It's sad, but also so beautiful, when the cherry blossoms start to fall.
  2. The raspberry bushes were covered with blossoms, and their sweet scent (= smell) filled the air.
  3. It really begins to feel like spring when the plum trees blossom.
  4. (on the phone with a friend in Canada)
    Why don't you come to Japan around the end of March? The kids will be out of school then, and the cherry trees will be in blossom.

英会話レッスンEnjoy the season!