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Hello again! When someone tries on a new item of clothing, the hope is always that they'll like what they see in the mirror. Well, if you're lucky and the mirror cooperates, you'll have the opportunity to use today's expression!

Today's Lesson
LOOK GOOD (IN/ON)   (〜が/〜に)似合う


  • If you appear attractive when wearing a particular item of clothing - for example a dress - we say that you look good IN the dress or the dress looks good ON you. Instead of “good”, we also use words like “great”, “terrific”, etc.

    We can also say that a person looks good in a particular color or that the color looks good on that person.
  • ある洋服 ― たとえば、a dress(ワンピース)― を着ていて、あなたが格好よく見えるなら、You look good IN the dress.(あなたがそのワンピースを着ると似合う)とも言えますし、The dress looks good ON you.(そのワンピースはあなたにとても似合う)と言うこともできます。good のかわりに great や terrific などといった言葉も使えます。

    look good in/on は、ある特定の色が似合う、という場合に使うこともできます。You look good in yellow.(あなたは、黄色が似合う)Yellow looks good on you.(黄色はあなたに似合う)、といった具合です。


  1. a: You look good in that shirt.
    b: Thanks. Everyone says I look good in red.
  2. a: You look great in that new dress!
    b: Do you really think it looks good on me?
    a: I really do. You look terrific.
  3. Yellow looks good on you. You should wear that color more often.
  4. a: How do I look?
    b: You look fine, but I think you'd look better in your gray pants.

英会話レッスンAll the best to you today!