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For Life
2005.05.02(Review of 2001.05.02 edition)

It's May! - a glorious month for living! The beauty of the light, the comfort of warmer days, the dazzling splendor of nature in her first bloom - all of these blessings come from the same source: the sun. For anyone who loves the sun, today's WordMaster speaks of the kind of days you can never get enough of!

Today's Lesson
CLEAR (sky)   晴れた(空)


  • To say that the weather, the sky, or the day is clear means that there are few or no clouds in the sky.
  • 空にほとんど雲がない状態のとき、The sky is clear. と言います。The day is clear. や The weather is clear. という言い方もあります。


  1. We're going to Canada to see the aurora. I sure hope the weather is clear while we're there.
  2. Yuma, Arizona, is one of the sunniest places in the United States. They have clear skies almost every day of the year.
  3. From the top of this building you can see Mount Fuji on a clear day.

英会話レッスンMay you have clear skies for all your days!