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2005.05.11(Review of 2000.08.13 edition)


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Today's Lesson
HOW + (BE)   〜はどうですか?/〜はどうでしたか?


  • We use the expression How + (BE)...? to ask someone whether something is (or was) good or enjoyable.

    We also use this expression to ask about a person's health or emotional condition.
  • 何かが良い(良かった)かどうか、もしくは楽しめる(楽しめた)かどうかを聞くときには、How + (BE)...? という言い回しを使います。



  1. Waiter: How is your food, sir?
    Customer: It's very good, thank you.
  2. a: How was the movie?
    b: It was great! You really should see it.
  3. (picking Lucy up at the airport)
    a: Lucy, welcome home! How was your flight?
    b: It was good. I slept most of the way.
    a: And how was your vacation?
    b: It was wonderful! I didn't want to leave.
    a: How was the weather while you were there?
    b: Perfect. It didn't rain once. But enough about me. How are you?
    a: Oh, I'm fine - now that you're back!
  4. a: How's your father these days?
    b: He's much better. The doctors say he should be able to leave the hospital on Thursday.

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