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For Life
2005.09.21(Review of 2002.10.11 edition)

Hi! Thanks for joining us for our Wednesday edition. Here's one of the more popular expressions for talking about men and women who've had long experience of life!

Today's Lesson


  • A senior citizen is an older person, especially one at or past retirement age, which is usually 65 in the U.S. It is a frequently used, polite expression that refers only to a person's age, not how old they appear.
  • senior citizen は、年齢が高い人、特に定年退職する年齢か、それより上の年齢の人をさします。(アメリカでは、定年は普通65歳です。)外見にかかわりなく、実年齢が高い人のことを丁寧に言うときによく使う言葉です。


  1. The percentage of senior citizens in this country is increasing rapidly.
  2. (a 68-year-old man at a movie theater box office)
    a: Do you have any senior citizen discounts?
    b: Sure we do. Tickets for senior citizens are only 1000 yen.
  3. More and more senior citizens are volunteering their time to help the poor and the homeless.
  4. I've been invited to speak to a group of senior citizens about the health benefits of yoga.

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