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2005.10.13(Review of 2002.06.14 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉


  • To root for a player or team is to want them to win. It can also mean to show your support for a player or team by, for example, shouting loudly.

    To cheer is to SHOW your support, admiration, or delight by shouting loudly.

    Be careful! Root for can be used simply to describe the way you FEEL about a player or team - that is, you hope they win. But to cheer for someone you have to ACTIVELY SHOW how you feel, by shouting.
  • root for とは、ある選手やチームが勝つことを望むという意味です。大きな声で叫んだりすることによって、選手やチームを応援する、という意味にもなります。

    cheer は、大きな声で叫ぶことで、応援や賞賛、喜びを示すという意味です。

    注意:root for は、ある人やチームに対してどう感じるか−つまり、彼らが勝つことを望んでいる−をただ説明するだけというときにも使われます。けれども cheer は、叫ぶことによって、相手に積極的に気持ちを示すことをさします。


  1. (at a World Cup soccer match)
    a: Who are you rooting for?
    b: I want Japan to win, of course!
  2. Everyone in the stadium was rooting for the home team. I felt bad for the visitors.
  3. (talking about a basketball player)
    His fans cheered wildly as he scored the winning basket.
  4. The sound of cheering crowds could be heard outside the theater.
  5. The host country has organized thousands of volunteers to cheer for foreign athletes during the Olympic Games to show support for their guests from abroad.

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