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Coming to the end of a truly great book can be bittersweet. It helps to know, though, that after a book has been taken back to the library, it's always waiting patiently on the shelf to be read another day!

Today's Lesson
RETURN (a book)   (本を)返却する


  • To return a book, CD, etc. that you checked out from a library is to give it back to the library.
  • return a book、CD などというと、借りた本やCDなどを図書館に戻す、つまり、返却するという意味になります。


  1. (at home)
    a: I'm going to the library. Bye!
    b: Wait! Can you return this book for me? I just finished reading it.
  2. WOMAN: I'd like to check out these CDs, please.
    LIBRARIAN: Sure. (after recording them on the computer) Here you are. And please return them within two weeks.
  3. (a man handing a book to a librarian)
    I'm sorry. I was supposed to return this book last week.

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