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For Life

Hello. It's good to be back here with you! We spent last week at the library and just couldn't pull ourselves away. So this week we continue in a similar vein by introducing you to some words that are necessary both for locating books at the library and for talking about books in general. We guarantee this week's editions will be a very good read indeed!

Today's Lesson
TITLE   表題


  • A title is the name of a book, movie, piece of music, or other work of art.
  • title とは、本や映画、音楽などの芸術作品につけられた表題のことです。


  1. (a librarian)
    If you can tell me the title of the book, I'll see if we have it.
  2. Often the remake of a movie has the same title as the original.
  3. I've organized my CD collection alphabetically by title.