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For Life
2005.11.01(Review of 2003.10.28 edition)

Hello! Not only are today's words popular costumes for kids when they go trick-or-treating, but they're also characters in two of the most popular movie fantasies of the past few years!

Today's Lesson
WITCH / WIZARD   魔女/男の魔法使い


  • A witch is a woman with magic powers.

    A wizard is a man with magic powers.
  • witch は、魔力を持った女性、つまり、魔女のことです。

    wizard は、魔力を持った男性、つまり、男の魔法使いのことです。


  1. Kathy dressed up as a witch for Halloween. She wore a black pointed hat, a black cloak, and carried a long broom.
  2. If I were a powerful wizard, I would use my powers to help people, not hurt them.
  3. (soon-to-be-famous writer to soon-to-be-fired publisher)
    a: I've written a story about a boy who learns how to do magic at a boarding school for witches and wizards.
    b: Hmmmm. It doesn't sound like a book anyone would want to read. Come back when you have something better.

英会話レッスンWhat did you dress up as on Halloween?