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For Life
2005.11.17(Review of 2000.08.16 edition)

Here's a welcome WordMaster for all of our hard-working readers!

Today's Lesson
DAY OFF   休日


  • When you don't have to go to work on a day when normally you would go, we say that you have a day off from work. You can also have a day off from school, from training, etc.
  • 通常は仕事をする日に、働かなくてもよい場合は、その日のことを day off と言います。この表現は、day off from work(仕事を休む日)の他にも、day off from school(学校を休む日)または day off from training(トレーニングを休む日)などのように使うことができます。


  1. We haven't had a day off in weeks. I'll sure be glad when this busy season is over.
  2. a: I've been feeling so tired recently.
    b: Maybe you should take the day off tomorrow.*
  3. My son is taking three days off from school in order to visit some colleges on the East Coast.
  4. * Use “THE day off” when talking about a specific day; for example “tomorrow”.

英会話レッスンHave a wonderful day - off or on - and we'll be back here tomorrow!