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Most of the time, you probably wash your clothes in-house. But where should you go when your clothes need to be cleaned by a professional? We're glad you asked!

Today's Lesson
(DRY) CLEANERS   (ドライ)クリーニング店


  • A dry cleaners - or simply cleaners - is a shop that cleans your clothes with special chemicals rather than soap and water.
  • dry cleaners 、もしくは省略して cleaners とは、衣服を石鹸と水ではなく、特殊な化学薬品を用いて洗濯する店のことです。


  1. I have to pick up something at the dry cleaners on the way home from work.
  2. Someone from the dry cleaners called. They said your clothes are ready.
  3. You should try using the cleaners next to the station. They're fast and inexpensive, and they do a really good job.
  4. Would you take this suit to the cleaners for me?

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