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There's no denying that gift-giving is a very big part of the holidays. There are Christmas presents, gifts for year-end parties and to take when visiting friends and relatives, and of course “oseibo”. So it's best to keep today's WordMaster someplace handy. In fact, don't leave home without it!

Today's Lesson
SHOP (v.)   買い物をする


  • To shop (v.) is to look at and buy things at stores.

    Shopping (n.) is the act of looking at and buying things at stores.

    A shopper is someone who is shopping.
  • shop とは、店で商品を見て買う、という意味の動詞です。

    shopping は、店で商品を見て買い物をする行為、すなわち買い物という意味の名詞です。

    shopper は、買い物客のことです。


  1. a: Where do you like to shop?
    b: I go to the department stores in Shinjuku a lot.
  2. Do you think you could help me shop for a gift for Patricia? I have no idea what to get her.
  3. a: Where have you been all day?
    b: I've been shopping. I found some great bargains!
  4. I'm going shopping at the mall. Do you want me to pick up anything for you?
  5. Who does the grocery shopping in your home?
  6. If we don't start now, we'll never finish our Christmas shopping. We've got a shopping list a mile long (= very long).
  7. The stores are filled with Christmas shoppers these days.
  8. (announcement at a department store)
    Attention, shoppers. The store will be closing in ten minutes. Please take your purchases to the check-out aisle.

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