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2005.06.22(Review of 2004.10.15 edition)

Greetings! If experience is the best teacher, then today's WordMaster@Work describes a company's most well-educated personnel!

Today's Lesson
SEASONED   年季が入った、経験豊かな


  • To be seasoned is to be able to do something well because of much experience at it.
  • seasoned は、長い経験の結果、あることをするのに長けている人を形容するときに使う言葉です。


  1. Pearson is a seasoned negotiator. He was head of sales at U-Profit Ventures for ten years.
  2. The new director is certainly seasoned enough for the job, isn't he? He's worked for the company his entire adult life!
  3. Only the most seasoned travelers visit Remotalindi. Transportation is primitive and accommodation scarce.

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