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Hello again, and welcome back for the Friday edition of Berlitz WordMaster. All week we've been looking at exercise in its simplest form. We'll finish with a look at a time-tested fitness program for kids!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
PLAY   遊ぶ


  • To play is to do something (for example, join in a game) in order to have fun.

    Some popular games that children play are:
    tag  鬼ごっこ
    hide-and-seek  かくれんぼ
    catch  キャッチボール*
    * “catch-ball” is Japanese-English

    Be Careful! Normally, the word play is only used alone (rather than together with another word, such as in “play baseball”, “play cards”, etc.) when talking about children, NOT adults. For example, instead of saying that you “play” with friends after work, you should say that you “meet”, “go out” with, or “get together” with friends after work.
  • play とは、例えばゲームに加わるなど、楽しむために何かをするという意味です。


    tag  鬼ごっこ
    hide-and-seek  かくれんぼ
    catch  キャッチボール*
    * catch-ball は、和製英語です。

    注意:play は、単独で使う場合(例えば、play baseball や play cards などのように他の語と組み合わせないで)、通常、大人についてではなく、子どもについて話すときにしか使いません。大人の場合は、例えば仕事の後で友達と「遊ぶ」、と言いたいときは PLAY with friends ではなく、MEET friends, GO OUT with friends, あるいは GET TOGETHER with friends などという表現を使います。


  1. a: Where are the kids?
    b: They're playing outside.
  2. CHILD: I'm bored.
    MOTHER: Why don't you play with your sister?
  3. After school, my children usually play games like tag and hide-and-seek with the neighbor kids.
  4. a: Do you want to get together later?
    b: Sorry, but I'm going out with Alice Simpson tonight.
    a: Alice who?
    b: Simpson. She's one of my oldest friends. We used to play together when we were little.

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