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The gentle touch of a human hand, the luxurious texture of silk, the utter bliss of sinking into a hot bath - many would say that today's WordMaster includes the greatest pleasures the senses have to offer! Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
FEELING / FEEL (n.)   感触


  • A feeling - or the feel of something - is the characteristic of something that you become aware of when you touch it or when it touches you.
  • feeling あるいは、feel とは、ものに触ったときや、何かが自分に触れたときに感じるものの特徴、つまり、感触のことです。


  1. I don't often read on the computer. I prefer the feeling of a book in my hands.
  2. (an advertisement)
    These Italian leather gloves are lined with cashmere, so they have a soft, warm feel you'll love.
  3. I'm so glad we rented the convertible. I love the feel of the wind in my hair!

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