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For Life
2006.06.01(Review of 2004.07.22 edition)

Another well-known saying is “What goes up must come down.” It even applies to the “high” one gets from alcohol.

We hope you enjoy the first edition of June 2006!

Today's Lesson
SOBER   しらふの


  • You are sober if you are not drunk.
  • sober は、酔っ払っていない状態、つまり、しらふの、という意味です。


  1. I've only had one small glass of wine. I'm completely sober.
  2. (a woman to her boyfriend)
    Promise me you'll stay sober tonight. I don't like it when you're drunk.
  3. I still wasn't sober enough to drive, so I gave the car keys to my husband.

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