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Happy Friday!

Of all the letters in a name, we think most people would agree that the first is the most important. Perhaps that's why it's always capitalized!

Today's Lesson
INITIAL   イニシャル


  • Your initials are the first letters of each of your names. For example, if your name is Jane Marie Doe, then your initials are JMD.
  • initials とは、名前の最初の一文字のことです。例えばJane Marie Doe という名前の人なら、initials はJMDということになります。


  1. Please write your last name, first name, and middle initial, in that order.
  2. He's written his name “N. Stewart Matheson”. Do you know what the initial “N” stands for?
  3. (describing a lost briefcase to the police)
    It's a dark brown, leather briefcase with the initials MKW on the side.

英会話レッスンAs always, we wish you a terrrrrrrrific weekend!