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For Life
2006.07.07(Review of 2001.07.13 edition)

With a word as compelling as over, we just had to make a trilogy! Here's the final installment of our three-part series! (Do you see why we chose the end of the week for this one?)

Today's Lesson
OVER (= finished)   終わって


  • Over can be used to mean “finished”.
  • over には、〜が終わって、という意味があります。


  1. MOTHER: Be home by 10.
    DAUGHTER: But, Mom, the movie won't be over until 10:30!
  2. The big earthquake was over in just a few seconds, but smaller ones continued for the next three days.
  3. I'm always so sad when the summer is over. I feel like a little kid on the day after Christmas.
  4. a: Sorry I'm late. Where is everyone?
    b: What do you mean? The party was over an hour ago.
  5. (covering her eyes during a scene in a horror film)
    Tell me when it's over!

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