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You can spend a fortune buying your children the latest high-tech toys. Or you can take them to the beach and let them scoop and sculpt to their hearts delight - for free!

Today's Lesson
SAND(CASTLE)   砂(の城)


  • Sand is a loose mass of very small pieces of rock or coral that is found on beaches, in the desert, etc.

    A sandcastle is a model of a castle made from wet sand.
  • sand とは、浜や砂漠で見られる、岩やサンゴの細かいかけら、つまり、砂のことです。

    sandcastle とは、湿った砂で作った城の模型のことです。


  1. Our hotel was right next to a beautiful white sand beach.
  2. Look at what Seth brought me back from Morocco - a little bottle of sand from the Sahara desert!
  3. (to some children coming back from the beach)
    Don't come into the house with sand in your shoes.
  4. Mary and I had a nice, long talk at the park while our kids played in the sand.
  5. The kids had a great time at the beach yesterday. They swam, made sandcastles, and buried each other in the sand.

英会話レッスンAlways keep summer in your heart. We'll see you next week!