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Sure this word only has three letters, but it's a mouthful nonetheless!

Today's Lesson
SIP   すする


  • To sip (verb) is to drink something slowly, only a small amount at a time.

    A sip (noun) is one mouthful of a drink when you sip it.
  • 動詞の sip とは、飲み物をゆっくりと、一度に少しずつ飲む、という意味です。

    名詞の sip は、飲み物をゆっくり飲むときの一口分、という意味です。


  1. You sure drank that coffee quickly, didn't you? I prefer to sip mine and make it last.
  2. a: How was your day?
    b: Great! I spent it at a coffee shop, reading and sipping espresso.
  3. Sip it slowly - it's hot.
  4. Can I have a sip of your drink, just to see what it tastes like?
  5. My youngest daughter took one sip of my root beer, made a face, and said it tastes like medicine.

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