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For Life
2006.09.25(Review of 2002.11.28 edition)

Greetings, and welcome to the first edition of WordMaster for autumn 2006! Of course, we'll be making this glorious season the theme for the week, and we thought we'd combine the autumn theme with one of our favorite WordMaster topics - food!

So, for the next five days, let's taste the fruits of the season!

Today's Lesson
HARVEST   収穫(する)


  • To harvest (verb) is to gather crops (= the plants grown on a farm) or to catch or kill fish or animals for food or other uses.

    The harvest (noun) is either the crops that are gathered or the activity of gathering crops.
  • 動詞の harvest は、(農場の作物を)収穫する、あるいは、魚や動物を食べる目的などで捕獲する、という意味です。

    名詞の harvest は、収穫物そのもの、または、収穫する、という行為をさします。


  1. One man can harvest an entire cornfield in a day with modern farm machinery.
  2. The study showed that harvesting salmon at current levels should have little impact on overall salmon numbers.
  3. They had record harvests throughout the country last year, thanks to plentiful rainfall.
  4. The grape harvest in the region started two weeks earlier than usual.
  5. We usually have to hire ten extra workers to help with the harvest.
  6. The Berlitz College of Agriculture has its annual Harvest Festival in early October.

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