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For Life
2006.09.28(Review of 2002.09.27 edition)

Hello again!

Today's autumn food is both lovely to look at and - with its delicate sweetness - absolutely delicious to eat. Today at Berlitz WordMaster, we're serving up ...

Today's Lesson


  • A persimmon is a sweet, reddish-orange fruit that (in Japan) becomes ripe in autumn and is usually eaten raw or dried.
  • persimmon(柿)は、甘くて赤みがかったオレンジ色の果物です。日本では秋に実る果物で、生のまま、または干して食べます。


  1. Have you ever had sliced persimmons with yogurt and cinnamon? It makes a great snack.
  2. I often take along a bag of dried persimmons when I go hiking.
  3. When autumn neared, we always looked forward to our grandmother's spicy persimmon cookies.

英会話レッスンLet's slice up one more, shall we?