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For Life
2006.09.29(Review of 2002.09.26 edition)

We've saved the best for Friday! For most of this week, we've been talking about the bounty of the land, but the oceans also provide us with some of our most delicious autumn fare. Today we talk about a seafood item that starts to appear on restaurant menus around this time of year! Whether raw or cooked, these little delicacies are very special indeed!

Today's Lesson


  • An oyster is an ocean animal that lives in a shell. Some kinds are eaten; others produce pearls.
  • oyster(牡蠣)は、殻の中で生息している海の生物です。食用になるものや、真珠を作るものなどがあります。


  1. Oysters are in season from around September through April, depending on the kind of oyster and where they're harvested.
  2. Wild oysters are usually more expensive than cultivated oysters (養殖の牡蠣).
  3. Fried oysters (牡蠣フライ) is one of my favorite dishes.
  4. I know a great recipe for oyster stew.
  5. a: What's that?
    b: It's an oyster shell. I found it on the beach.

英会話レッスンWhat's not to love about this season? Enjoy it and have a terrific weekend!