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For Life
2006.10.12(Review of 2002.06.28 edition)

“Winning isn't everything.” “Be a good loser.” “She's a real winner.” “I feel like a loser.”

Sometimes the world seems preoccupied with the relative merits of winning and losing. But there are those who encourage us to stop focusing on the result and just enjoy the competition. Sounds good to us!

Today's Lesson
WIN (n.) / LOSS   勝ち/負け


  • When a person or team wins a game, race, or other competition, we call the end result for that person or team a win.

    When a person or team loses, the end result is called a loss.
  • 人やチームが、試合やレース、その他の競争などで勝つことを、win と言います。

    人やチームが負けることを loss と言います。


  1. (a coach to his players)
    It's been seven weeks since we've had a win. What's happening to this team?
  2. The team's 2-to-0 win against Tunisia allowed them to advance to the second round.
  3. They finished the season with 7 wins and 2 losses.
  4. The team's manager was replaced after their fifth straight loss of the season.
  5. The top-ranked player's loss early in the tournament was a huge surprise.

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