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For Life
2006.10.17(Review of 2001.08.08 edition)

A friendly WordMaster greeting to you! We have your Tuesday WordMaster all ready for you. Our hope is that you'll find it interesting, useful, and fun. Learning should always be that way, don't you think?

Today's Lesson
SCORE (v.)   得点する


  • To score is to get a point or points in a competition.
  • 動詞の score は、競技で得点をあげる、という意味です。


  1. It's been a dull match so far. Neither team has scored yet.
  2. (a basketball coach)
    Our star player can score 30 or more points a game.
  3. My son scored three goals in his last soccer match.
  4. I had a dream last night that I scored the winning run in the final game at Koshien.

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