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2006.03.22(Review of 2004.10.21 edition)

If you can feel truly good about the work you do, then you're one of the lucky ones. We hope you'll have occasion to use today's expression often!

Today's Lesson


  • To take pride in something you do, something you have, or something you are a part of is to feel good about it or satisfied with it.
  • take pride in とは、自分の行いや、持っているもの、関わっている物事について誇りに思う、という意味です。


  1. If you can't take pride in your work, then you should be doing something else.
  2. You can all take pride in our success. This was a real team effort.
  3. My assistant takes pride in keeping the office neat and clean. I really appreciate that.
  4. We take pride in offering the highest quality service. Nothing pleases us more than to see our customers happy and satisfied.
  5. Howard seems to take a lot of pride in his new sports car. He's been showing it off all week.
  6. (an executive)
    I take great pride in my company's reputation. I work for the best in the business.

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