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2006.12.28(Review of 2004.01.21 edition)


Before we dive into today's edition, we should remind you that, beginning tomorrow, we'll be taking a weeklong break for the New Year's holiday. So take a long and well-deserved rest and then be sure to join us again next Friday (January 5th) for the gala start of Berlitz WordMaster@Work 2007!

Now, here's the last word from the @Work team to take you into the holiday!

Today's Lesson


  • If something is, for example, 20 percent off, it is being sold for 20% less than its usual price.

    If something is 50 percent off, we can also say it is half price.
  • 例えば 20 percent off というと、ある商品が通常の価格よりも20%引きで安く売られている、という意味です。

    50%引き、つまり、半額のときは、half price と言うこともできます。
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  1. (advertisement)
    During our annual after-Christmas sale, everything in the store is 40 percent off.
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    For a limited time, all software is on sale at up to 70 percent off.
  3. (a customer to a used car salesman)
    If you'll take an additional five percent off the price of the car, I'll take it (= I'll buy the car).
  4. They're offering some great discounts right now. I bought this bag for half price.

英会話レッスンHave a very happy New Year!!