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2007.02.16(Review of 2004.10.14 edition)

Here's a classic cake - the centerpiece of another classic edition from the WordMaster archives!

Today's Lesson
(CASTELLA) SPONGE CAKE   カステラ/スポンジケーキ


  • A sponge cake is a light cake made from flour, eggs, and sugar. It's commonly used, for example, to make strawberry shortcake.

    The cake called カステラ in Japan is often called sponge cake in English, but this alone isn't a very good translation. It might be better to call it Castella sponge cake. Or you can describe the cake by saying that it is “a very sweet, moist (= not dry) sponge cake”.

    Be Careful! Castella is a Portuguese word and will not usually be understood in the United States unless followed by the expression sponge cake.
  • sponge cake は、小麦粉と卵と砂糖で作った軽いケーキです。例えば、ストロベリーショートケーキを作るのによく使われます。

    日本で「カステラ」と呼ばれるものは、sponge cake と英訳されることが多いですが、あまり良い訳とは言えません。Castella sponge cake と言った方がいいでしょう。もし必要ならば、a very sweet, moist sponge cake(とても甘くてしっとりしたスポンジケーキ)と説明しましょう。

    注意:Castella はポルトガル語なので、Castella のあとに sponge cake と付け加えないと、アメリカでは普通、理解してもらえません。


  1. To make strawberry shortcake, spread whipped cream and fresh strawberries between two layers of sponge cake, then top with more whipped cream and strawberries.
  2. Eva gave me her recipe for chocolate sponge cake.
  3. I'll bring you back a Castella sponge cake from Nagasaki.

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