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See the smile on our face? It's there because of the pleasure that you've given us in returning for another week of Berlitz WordMaster! Thank you!

From manga to anime, from talking mice to moving castles, the imaginative works of the media we'll be exploring this week have entertained and enriched us for decades. And we hope that this week's WordMaster editions will entertain and enrich our readers as well!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
COMIC (BOOK/STRIP)   漫画(本、雑誌)/コマ割り漫画


  • A comic or comic book is a book or magazine, especially for children, in which stories are told with a series of drawings in which the words or thoughts of the characters are usually included.

    Be Careful! In English, the word “manga” (漫画) is usually used only to talk about Japanese books or magazines of this kind.

    A comic strip is a short series of such drawings, usually - and often regularly - printed in a newspaper.
  • comic または comic book とは、特に子供を対象とした本や雑誌で、絵によって物語が進んでいくもの、つまり、漫画のことです。たいていは、絵の中に、登場人物のセリフや考えが一緒に書き込まれています。

    注意:英語でも manga (漫画)という単語を使うことがありますが、これは、たいてい日本の漫画本、雑誌をさします。一般の漫画について言うときは comiccomic book を使います。

    comic strip とは、そのような絵がいくつか続いたもの、つまり、コマ割りの漫画のことで、たいてい、新聞に(多くは、定期的に)掲載されています。



  1. I've been collecting old comics for years. My favorites are the Captain Berlitz and WordMaster: Secret Agent series.
  2. Popular comic book characters, especially superheroes, sometimes end up starring in their own Hollywood films.
  3. She's the creator of a very funny new comic strip. I read it every week in the Sunday paper.
  4. A lot of my co-workers have comic strips pinned to the walls of their cubicles.

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