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For Life

Today's WordMaster gives new meaning to the expression (often heard at college graduation ceremonies) “The future is in your hands!”

Today's Lesson


  • To read someone's palm is to tell someone's fortune by looking at the lines on their hand.

    A palm reader is someone who reads people's palms.
  • read someone's palm とは、手のひらにある線(手相)を見ることで、運勢を占う、つまり、手相を占う、という意味です。

    palm reader とは、人の手相を見る人をさします。



  1. (at a party)
    You know, you can learn a lot about a person's character by reading their palm. Let me see yours.
  2. I just had my palm read. See this long line here? It means I'm going to have a long life!
  3. (on a street in Tokyo at night)
    a: Who's that man over there, at the table with the lantern on it?
    b: He's a palm reader. He'll tell your fortune for a thousand yen.
  4. a: I heard that some ATM machines have palm readers now.
    b: You mean you can get cash and have your fortune told at the same time?
    a: Not that kind of palm reader! The machines scan your palm like a fingerprint, to identify you.

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