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For Life
2007.07.18(Review of 2000.07.31 edition)


In just two weeks, we'll be observing the 7-year anniversary of Berlitz WordMaster. If you're curious about the content of WordMaster in its early days, you're in for a treat, because today we review WordMaster's very first edition!

Here it is, folks - a piece of WordMaster history!

Today's Lesson
LEFTOVER(S)   残り物、残り物の


  • Leftovers are food that is left after a meal.

    The adjective form is leftover (without the “s”).
  • leftovers とは、食事の後で、残っている食べ物のことです。

    形容詞形は、leftover で、語尾のsがつきません。



  1. a: Your lunch looks good. Did you make that this morning?
    b: No, it's yesterday's leftovers.
  2. I'm too tired to cook. Do you mind having cold leftovers from last night?
  3. a: I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat?
    b: There's some leftover stew in the refrigerator.

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