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For Life
2007.07.26(Review of 2002.08.22 edition)

Hello! The festival continues here at Berlitz WordMaster. In fact, there seems to be a lot of action over at the game stalls. Let's take a look!

Today's Lesson
PRIZE   賞金、賞品


  • A prize is money, a medal or trophy, or other valuable thing given to the winner of a competition.
  • prize は、競技会やコンテストなどで勝った人に与えられる、お金、メダル、トロフィー、その他の賞品のことです。



  1. (customer at shooting gallery at local festival)
    CUSTOMER: What do I have to do to win a prize?
    OPERATOR: You have to knock it off the shelf.
  2. Reiko won first prize in an art competition.
  3. The athletes are competing for $100,000 in prize money.

英会話レッスンDid you win anything?