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PUNISH   罰する


  • To punish someone is to do something unpleasant to them (for example, spank a child or put an adult in prison) because they did something wrong.

    The noun form is punishment.
  • punish とは、誰かが悪いことをしたために、その人にとって不快なことをする(例えば、子どもを叩いたり、大人なら刑務所に入れたりする)という意味です。

    罰、という意味の名詞形は punishment です。



  1. (two friends in high school)
    a: Did your parents punish you for getting home so late the other night?
    b: Not this time. But they said that if I ever do it again, I'll be grounded (= can't go out after school) for a week.
  2. He was punished for speeding with a $250 fine.
  3. Depending on the country, the punishment for graffiti may include a fine, community service, or even jail time.
  4. It is often said that “the punishment should fit the crime”. In other words, the more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment should be.

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