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For Life
2007.09.27(Review of 2001.06.29 edition)

Thanks for checking in with us to see how this week's series ends. The critics seem to think that today's edition is the best of the three. Let's see if you agree!

Today's Lesson
SUPPOSED TO (Part 3)   〜と考えられている、〜らしい


  • The expression supposed to can be used to say what you've heard or read.
  • supposed to は、聞いたり、読んだりしたことを話すときにも使われ、〜と考えられている、〜らしい、という意味です。



  1. It's supposed to rain today. The forecast also said there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms.
  2. That restaurant is supposed to have great seafood. All my friends recommend it.
  3. Elephants are supposed to be very intelligent.
  4. This is supposed to be his best movie yet. They say it'll probably win a few Oscars next year.

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