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RAZOR   かみそり


  • A razor is a device with one or more sharp blades used to cut the hair from your face or body.
  • razor とは、1枚、またはそれ以上の鋭い刃がついていて、顔や体の毛をそるのに使う道具、つまり、かみそりのことです。



  1. a: Where'd you get that cut on your neck?
    b: Oh, I cut myself with the razor this morning.
  2. Do you mind if we stop at the drugstore on the way home? I need to get some razor blades.
  3. (to a store clerk)
    Do you carry women's razors?
  4. I usually shave with a manual razor, but sometimes I use an electric razor when I'm in a hurry.

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