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For Life
2007.11.01(Review of 2000.10.31 edition)

It's hard to imagine any conversation about Halloween in which this word isn't used a few times!

Today's Lesson
FRIGHTEN   怖がらせる


  • To frighten (verb) someone is to make them feel fear.

    If you are frightened (adjective), you feel fear.

    If something or someone is frightening (adjective), they MAKE you feel fear.
  • frighten とは、人に恐怖を感じさせる、つまり、怖がらせる、という意味の動詞です。

    frightened は、形容詞で、恐怖を感じている、つまり、怖がって、という意味になります。

    frightening も形容詞ですが、これは、人やものが、誰かに恐怖を感じさせる、つまり、恐ろしい、という意味です。



  1. a: Ahh!! ... Oh, John, don't frighten me like that!
    b: Sorry. I just wanted to show you my Halloween costume. I'm a vampire.
  2. Farmers put scarecrows and balloons in their fields to frighten away birds.
  3. My wife is frightened of cockroaches.
  4. I was too frightened to go on the ride, so I just watched.
  5. The storm last night was frightening, wasn't it?
  6. A child's first visit to the dentist's office can sometimes be a frightening experience.

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