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For Life
2007.11.05(Review of 2004.11.08 edition)

Greetings on a Monday! We hope you're well. If you aren't, however, then you'll certainly want to join us, because we're getting ready to make a trip to the doctor's office.

And don't forget your health insurance card!

Today's Lesson
SEE (a doctor)   (医者に)行く


  • To see a doctor is to go to a doctor's office to receive medical care.

    To see a dentist, lawyer, counselor, or other professional is to go to their office to receive the services they provide.
  • see a doctor は病院に行って診療を受ける、という意味です。

    専門家の事務所に行ってそのサービスを受ける、という意味で、see a dentist (歯医者に行く)、see a lawyer (弁護士に相談に行く)、see a counselor (カウンセラーに相談に行く)、などと言うことができます。

SEE (a doctor)


  1. You should see a doctor about that cough. It sounds bad.
  2. a: When was the last time you saw a dentist?
    b: I think my last check-up was in the spring.
  3. a: Tanya and I are thinking about getting a divorce. We're going to see a lawyer about it tomorrow.
    b: A lawyer? Shouldn't you see a marriage counselor first?

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