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2007.02.01(Review of 2003.12.22 edition)

Choose the right group, and just a handful of people is all you need to gain insight into the public at large!

Today's Lesson
FOCUS GROUP   フォーカス・グループ


  • A focus group is a small group of people from among a larger target group who are brought together to discuss a particular topic; for example, such a group might be asked to give their opinions about a new marketing idea or product.
  • focus group は、調査対象となる集団から選ばれ、一堂に会して、特定のテーマについて話し合う少数の人たちのことです。例としては、企業が、このような人たちに、新しいマーケティングのアイディアや新製品について意見を求めるケースがあります。


  1. (during a staff meeting in Marketing)
    a: I don't understand it. Our product is brilliant, but hardly anyone is buying it.
    b: Why don't we arrange for a focus group to take a look at it. Maybe that'll help us identify the problem.
  2. (two friends)
    a: Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?
    b: Yes, I took part in a focus group. We were asked to test some new stationery products and tell the researchers what we thought of them.
  3. Politicians also use focus groups to better design their policies to suit the needs of their constituents.
  4. In order for the results to be as useful as possible, it is important that a focus group be representative of the target population as a whole.

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