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2007.06.18(Review of 2004.04.20 edition)

Welcome back!

Maintaining good relations with supervisors, co-workers, and customers isn't always easy, and the occasional run-in - or battle royal - is inevitable. So this week we discuss conflict. Hopefully we won't get you into too much hot water as a result!

Today's Lesson
HOLD A GRUDGE   恨みを抱く、根に持つ


  • To hold a grudge is to not like someone or to be angry at someone (often for a long time) because of something they did in the past.
  • hold a grudge は 、誰かが過去にしたことのせいで、(多くの場合、長期間にわたって)その人を嫌う、誰かに対して怒っている、という意味です。



  1. She was upset that I got the promotion instead of her and has held a grudge ever since.
  2. I'm afraid I really embarrassed Vince at the meeting this morning. I hope he won't hold a grudge against me because of it.
  3. Of course I was disappointed when she refused to go out with me, but I'd never hold a grudge over it.

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