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Want to get the best value for your money? Well, here's a great way to start!

Today's Lesson


  • The unit price is the price for a single item of a product or - for example, if the product is sold by the dozen or by the kilogram - the price per dozen, per kilogram, etc.
  • unit price とは、ある商品1つの価格、または、(その商品がダース、キログラム単位で販売される場合)1ダース当たり、1キロ当たりの価格、つまり、単価のことです。



  1. (salesman on the phone with a business customer)
    Allow me to confirm your order. You've placed an order for ten 4-drawer steel filing cabinets in gray, at a unit price of $190. The total for your order comes to $1,900 plus tax.
  2. They've agreed to reduce the unit price to $78 per case if we place an order for a minimum of 200 cases a month.
  3. I've done some checking to see how much it'll cost to repair the parking lot. Although the unit price for a ton of asphalt concrete is surprisingly low, the cost for labor will be significant.

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