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Are you worried about the rising cost of living or the rising cost of doing business? Well, you might feel less anxious if you had a way of comparing today's costs to those in previous years. Here's a tool for doing just that!

Today's Lesson


  • A price index is a measure of how much the average cost of a group of products changes over time.
  • price index とは、ある商品群の平均価格が、時の経過にしたがって、どのぐらい変化したかを示す指標、つまり、物価指数のことです。



  1. Retail inflation there, as measured by changes in the Consumer Price Index, has been driven mainly by increases in food and transportation costs.
  2. The Producer Price Index, formerly known as the Wholesale Price Index, tracks changes in the prices charged by manufacturers, wholesalers, and those selling commodities.
  3. For a country like Japan, which relies heavily on imports, even a small increase in the Import Price Index can be significant.

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