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After enjoying those rich pastries with custard filling, don't forget to brush - or you may find yourself with a mouthful of fillings far less sweet!

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FILL (a tooth)   (歯に)詰め物をする


  • To fill a tooth or cavity is to repair a hole in a tooth by putting silver, plastic, or other material into it.

    A filling is the material used to fill the tooth.
  • fill a tooth または、fill a cavity とは、銀やプラスティック、あるいはその他の素材を、虫歯の穴に詰めて修復する、という意味です。

    filling とは、虫歯の穴に詰める素材、つまり、詰め物のことです。

FILL (a tooth)


  1. I had to have two cavities filled at the dentist's office the other day.
  2. I've never understood why it takes three trips to the dentist just to fill a tooth.
  3. (opening her mouth wide to show her teeth)
    Do you see all these fillings? That's what happens when you have a sweet tooth.
  4. (dentist to patient)
    The filling will be the same color as the tooth, so people won't even notice it.
  5. (while eating caramels)
    Oh, no! One of my fillings just came out!

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