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Today's Lesson
I BET (it's true)   〜に違いない


  • You can use the expression I bet to say that you believe something is true, will happen, has happened, etc.
  • I bet という表現は、何かが本当だ、起こるだろう、すでに起こった、と信じている、という意味で使います。

I BET (it's true)


  1. (to a boy she's just met at a party)
    a: I bet you're a good dancer.
    b: What makes you think that?
  2. a: I fell off my bicycle and broke my wrist.
    b: Ooh, I bet that hurt!
  3. a: Jack's really late, isn't he?
    b: I bet that he got caught in traffic.
  4. a: I really love living in Switzerland!
    b: I bet you do.

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