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For Life
2008.03.06(Review of 2001.07.26 edition)


Just as a book is read chapter by chapter and a symphony is enjoyed movement by movement, every TV series is broadcast one part at a time. And we call each part an ...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • An episode is one of the shows in a TV series.

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the word episode when talking about variety, game, or talk shows.
  • テレビの連続番組の1話のことを episode と言います。

    注意:バラエティー、ゲームやクイズ、トーク番組の1回分のことは episode とは言いません。



  1. Did you see last night's episode of “Berlitz and the City”? I never knew television could be so powerful!
  2. Mary Ann gave me a great gift for my birthday - a collection of every episode from the last three seasons of “Berlitz and the City” on DVD!
  3. Every Friday after work, I watch that new detective series on Channel 31.
    I haven't missed an episode yet.
  4. The final episode of a popular TV series is usually a major television event.

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