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The WordMaster is feeling a little possessive today!

Today's Lesson
OWN (v.)   所有する


  • If you own something, it is legally yours (for example, because you bought it, were given it, etc.).

    The owner of something, is the person who owns it.
  • own とは、(例えば、何かを購入したり、人からもらったりするなどした結果)あるものが、合法的に自分のものである、という意味です。

    owner とは、あるものを所有している人、持ち主、のことです。

OWN (v.)


  1. I own a small children's bookstore. I bought it with the money my grandmother left me.
  2. (applying for a car loan)
    BANK EMPLOYEE: Do you own a home?
    CUSTOMER: No, we're renting at the moment.
  3. She never watches TV. I don't think she even owns one.
  4. (announcement in a large store)
    Would the owner of the blue SUV parked in front of the store please move your vehicle? That parking space is reserved for loading trucks only.
  5. (behind the counter at the Lost-and-Found Office)
    Before I can give you the backpack, you'll have to sign this form saying you're the owner.

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