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For Life
2008.04.15(Review of 2000.11.30 edition)

If you're looking for a bargain, your search is over!

Today's Lesson
BARGAIN (n.)   安く買えた物、お買い得品


  • If something is a bargain, you are able to buy it at a good price that is less than its true value.
  • bargain とは、実際の価格よりも安く、よい値段で買えた物、つまり、お買い得品のことです。



  1. a: I bought this suit tailor-made for only 15,000 yen.
    b: What a bargain!
  2. These grapes were a real bargain at only $2. They normally sell for twice the price, but they were on sale.
  3. You can find some great bargains at the 100-yen shop.

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